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“There is nothing prior to words, there is nothing prior to sound,
there is nothing prior to the perceiver”     - Stephen H. Wolinsky, Ph.D.

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Please note: the audio downloads are designed to be meditative in nature.

Advaita is Vedanta: Experiences-States-Stations and Samskaras © 2015
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Samskara Meditation Audio Part 1
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The Dream Trilogy (circa 1982-1986)

Vol. I Notes from the Dream (circa 1982-1986)
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Vol. II Notes from the Dream (circa 1983-1986)
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Vol. III Unedited Notes from the Dream (circa 1983-1986)
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Reflections of the Absolute: Without a Mirror

Post Deconstruction: The Death of the Illusion of the "I"-Subject:
Metaphors and Pointers From Science, Philosophy, Buddhism and Yoga which Deconstruct The Deconstruction Process

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The "Inner" Bhagavad Geeta Notebooks: Notes From the "Inner" Bhagavad Geeta
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  The "Inner: Bhagavad Geeta Notebook

Rays of the Absolute

Nothing Comes From Nothing

Notes from the Dream

More Notes from the Dream Vol. 2

Notes from the Dream Vol. III

Reflections of the Absolute